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PROVEN by University Of Illinois Clinical Study … and thousands of people like you who take this …

Now You Can Lose Weight 
Faster and Easier
-- Without Working Out More,
As Proven By University Of Illinois Study!

Your Weight Loss Results are 100% GUARANTEED TO YOU from this breakthrough all-natural Diet Secret – our unique “Ion-exchanged” protein powder that tastes delicious, and will NOT make you look like a muscle builder!*

Dear Friend,

        Do you want to lose weight faster and easier than ever?

        Well, now you can!

        You see, this amazing protein powder is proven to burn off more calories and fat …plus keep you feeling full longer!

        This means:   Your body has NO CHOICE but to get rid of your unwanted fat.

How It Works

        Our R&D team has perfected a unique cutting-edge protein powder that does two vital things for your weight loss:

Burns More Calories – Each serving of Jaylab Pro Protein contains 24 grams of high quality metabolism boosting proteins.

Makes You Feel Full Longer – Unlike cheap protein powders, the superior purification process of 
Jaylab Pro Protein  results in the preservation of glycomacropeptides.  These have been shown in scientific studies to signal your brain that you are full.* This makes it easier to eat less and lose weight.*

         I want to tell you 3 more exciting things it does for your body …

# 1.  Recent studies by Dr. Donald Layman, a professor at the University of Illinois, have highlighted the role of the essential amino acid leucine in improving body composition. Our high quality whey protein is rich in leucine to help preserve lean muscle tissue while promoting fat loss. Whey protein contains more leucine than milk protein, egg protein and soy protein.

#2.  The protein helps to stabilize blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream. This in turn reduces hunger by lowering insulin levels and making it easier for your body to burn fat.*

#3.  Our whey protein contains bioactive components that help stimulate the release of two appetite-suppressing hormones: cholecystokinin (CCK) and glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1). A new study found whey protein had a greater impact on fullness than casein, the other protein in milk. Adding whey protein to a mid-day snack or beverage provides healthy energy and helps control food intake at the next meal.*

Look And Feel Better Than You Have
In 10, Even 20 Years!

Jaylab Pro Protein slims you down day-after-day, 24 hours a day, even while you are sleeping, you’ll notice amazing things

    > You will look much younger

    > You will feel much younger

    > You will feel so much healthier

    > You will look sexier (Members of the opposite sex will notice
       you more)

    > You will have more energy

    > You will have a better mood and outlook

CONSUMER ALERT:  Most Protein Powders Are Not Created With These Ingredients

Protein Powder

Low Temperature Microfiltered and Cross Flow Micro-Filtration Whey Protein Isolates for unparalleled purity

Naturally Sweetened with Stevia

Mixes Instantly with a Spoon

Available in two delicious flavors: Vanilla, and Chocolate

Only 2g of carbohydrate per serving – Perfect for Carb Restricted Diets

1 Serving Contains 5.3 grams of muscle boosting Branched Chain Amino Acids

 Jaylab Pro Protein is Gluten Free*

Non-GMO and Growth Hormone Free

No Artificial SweetenersJaylab Pro Protein does not contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame- instead each batch is naturally sweetened with stevia.

Build Muscle Faster – 1 Serving of Jaylab Pro Protein contains 2.5 grams of the essential amino acid Leucine, shown in extensive scientific studies to be responsible for activating protein synthesis and muscle growth at the DNA level.*

No Bloat, Feel Great – Unlike most protein powders which leave you bloated, constipated and with an upset stomach – Jaylab Pro Protein wields a double edged sword against digestive discomfort through its combination of lactase and Aminogen – working with your body to break down amino acids and sugars for superior absorption and digestion.

Burn More Calories – Each serving of JayLab Pro Protein contains 24 grams of high quality metabolism boosting proteins.

Feel full, Faster, & Longer – Unlike cheap bulk protein powders, the superior purification process of Jaylab Pro Protein results in the preservation of glycomacropeptides, which have been shown in scientific studies to signal your brain that you are full.* This makes it easier to eat less and lose weight.*

Mixes Instantly – Just add water and swirl with a spoon for a fast and creamy shake that you’ll look forward to each and every day.

Call now or order online below to get Jaylab Pro Pharmaceutical Quality Whey Protein shipped to your door. Make sure to take advantage of the Smart Ship so you save over 21% - we’ll even pick up the shipping cost.


This Product Is Sweeping The Country

        The sales of Jaylab Pro Protein are growing like wildfire.  The biggest reason for this explosive growth is because IT WORKS.  It's that simple. It is the fastest and easiest way to lose weight and keep it off via increases in metabolism boosting lean muscle tissue, period!*

        Another reason is that it’s considered to be FREE.  The money saved on food spent in just the first weeks pays for the product. The other weeks are just money saved while the "thermic effect of food" that 
Jaylab Pro Protein provides melts the fat away. 

        This weight loss solution is NOT like any “diet pills” you see advertised.  It is medically-proven all-natural powder that corrects your underlying physiological cause of excess body weight -- at the metabolic level.

        You'll love the fast results and the motivation it gives you – don’t be surprised if you lose 10 to 12 pounds in just the first few weeks like many people have!
        This is the last protein powder you will ever need. Imagine, you will soon lose pounds and inches fast ... with no hunger ... no side effects ... and no surgery!

I Am Also Including An Incredible FREE GIFT Just To Make This An Absolute No-Brainer For You To Try Right Now...

51 of the Best-Tasting, Guilt-Free, Protein-Packed, Fat-Burning Desserts, Snacks and Breakfast Recipes on the Planet!

Here are just a few of the mouth-watering recipes waiting for you inside this FREE downloadable book…

  • Chewy "No Bake" Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies that are just 92 calories… page. 1

  • Guilt-Free French Toast with just 106 calories (perfect for a quick, healthy breakfast!)…page.23

  • Yummy Vanilla Cake packed with a body-sculpting 35 grams of protein… page.4

  • Velvety Orange mousse packed with an incredible 42 grams of

  • Sinfully delicious Chocolate Cherry Parfait with just 1 gram of fat and 31 grams of protein? Yes!... page.16

  • The Famous 65 calorie Decadent Chocolate-Covered Coconut Truffles... page.17

  • Go back to your childhood with our comforting Ice Cream Sandwich – but the "healthy" version crammed with 34g of protein and only 3g of fat… page.40

  • Ever heard of a hot fudge topping for your ice cream with 28 grams of protein? Well now you have!

Finally – you never have to worry about what to have for breakfast. No more stressing out over a healthy “between” meal snack. Never deprive yourself from your favorite cookies, snacks, cakes and desserts. And say goodbye forever to the boredom of eating the same food over and over again.

It is yours for today for FREE when you try any flavor of Jaylab Pro Protein.  

        This product is only available from Jaylab Pro Nutrition, a company that tens of thousands of people worldwide have come to trust for their nutritional needs because of our professional grade supplements.  And you will be trying it 100% risk-free with the company’s famous Money-Back Guarantee. 

        So even if you’ve tried another product before and were not thrilled with the results, don’t be discouraged because …  your results from this product are guaranteed to be terrific!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain:

“If Jaylab Pro Protein doesn’t give you the

all the weight loss you want

… with the speed and ease you want…  it’s


I Guarantee It!”

        As you can tell, I’m very excited to bring you this news about how to lose weight for good much easier than ever before. 

        To make this a “no brainer easy” decision for you, I will make you this personal guarantee:

I guarantee to send you a 100% refund if you aren’t thrilled with how much weight you lose, and how fast and easy it is!  

        That’s right.  I’m so confident you will be thrilled, all you have to do is return whatever product you have left anytime within 60 days and you will receive a full refund … no questions asked!

        I’ll send it to you within just days.  No questions.  No hassle.  No fine print.  I trust you.

        Right now, you do NOT need to say “Yes”.  You only need to say a very easy “Maybe”.  Make me prove to you – FREE of even a penny of risk.  You are NOT BUYING, you are just TRYING, THEN seeing the results, THEN you will decide if you want a refund or not!
        Could anything be more fair?  Just call this toll-free number now for immediate shipment:   1-888-9GETPRO (1-888-943-8776) Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST

Your quality of life and health depend on the action you take now.

To your faster and easier weight loss,

Jayson Hunter
Jayson Hunter, RD, CSCS
JayLab Pro

P.S.  Remember, I promise you this:  Your Weight Loss Success Is Guaranteed – Or It’s Yours FREE!  This is completely different from anything else you’ve ever tried.  Now you will soon stop dieting -- and start living.  Don’t waste another day being miserable and unhappy about your weight  – it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed before - the solution is here right now –  call 1-888-9GETPRO (1-888-943-8776) Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST


Every Jaylab Pro product come with a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

You've got nothing to lose (and everything to gain) by putting your trust in JayLab Pro!

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I Have Been Using Jaylab Pro For Over One Year Now!
"I've been using Jaylab Pro products for over a year and can really tell they are working by the way I look and feel and doctor's reports.

I'm 70 with multiple sclerosis and people are telling me constantly how good I look; how much energy I have!

I have a full-time glass art business, so I'm busy too. And thank you, Jayson, for all your incredible ideas, research and recipes! You are all fantastic people and professionals at the same time!"

Judi Hartman
Flagstaff, AZ

Jaylab Pro Protein - a shake that I drink without hesitation!

"I have battled my weight all of my life, so I do not have to tell you how many fitness/energy/weight loss shakes I have tried! When my trainer sent me the link for the 
JayLab Pro website, I cynically thought to myself – here is another drink that I will have to endure to gain the maximum results that I desire.

I was shocked when I received the vanilla Protein; I REALLY enjoyed the taste and consistency of this drink. The serving size is one scoop mixed with 6oz to 8oz of water; it mixed easily with a spoon and it was not lumpy, thick or chalky like the other shakes I have encountered previously.  Jaylab Pro Protein will easily be a shake that I drink without hesitation and/or regret; this was money well spent."

Milwaukee, WI

I just wanted to say that I LOVE the new Jaylab Pro Protein!

"Just reading about it, I was convinced that it would be my protein powder of choice because of it being naturally sweetened, the BCAAs, and it being cold processed. But what I found even more amazing after I received my shipment of 
Jaylab Pro Protein is how easy it is to mix, and it TASTES GREAT!

I feel better about my nutrition knowing that I can pack in a great quality protein that also adds more flavor to my food (I add it to oatmeal, Greek yogurt, etc.).
I think this is my new favorite 
Jaylab Pro product!"

Matt Sizemore,
Grand Rapids, MI

Protein Powder is sooooo good!

Jaylab Pro Protein Powder is sooooo good. I have had other protein powders that were chalky, clumpy and tasted really bad. But Jaylab Pro Protein even smells delicious and the aftertaste is really yummy!"

Kelly Blacher,
Chino Hills, CA



Love, Love, Love The Taste!

“Love, love, love the taste and how easily the protein powder mixes without a blender!”

Karen Brinton
Hidden Valley Lake, CA


I Am Slowly Falling In Love With Your Products


“I ordered EFA Icon last month and started taking it immediately. I also take the Longevity, the VGF 25+ and the Protein powder. I am slowly becoming addicted to your products and have lost 12 pounds over the last 2 weeks. I've of course included a healthy meal plan into all this and feel amazing!"
"My knee pain is gone and my energy level has gone up significantly.  Your products are amazing!"
Annette Flores
Napoleon, OH


I've Dropped 6 Pounds In Less Than 2 Weeks!

"I'm currently taking Jaylab Pro Protein on daily basis. It is so incredible how my appetite has shrunk so much! I eat 4-5 very small meals daily and I'm never hungry! I'm loving this! I've dropped 6 lbs less than 2 weeks, my energy level is unusually high and I finally got myself on a solid exercise routine. I love you guys and I love your products and all the good advice!"

Chirine Powell
Indianapolis, Indiana



*We don't know if you will experience the same or similar results as these  JayLab Pro customers. Your experiences may not be as positive.


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